Shoreham Outriggers for Life

‘We’re all in the same boat’

Established in 2023, we take pride in being the first British team of outrigger canoeists, exclusively composed of individuals who have experienced cancer. 

We understand the journey, and you’re not alone; ‘we’re all in the same boat’.

Discover the joy of outrigger canoeing

Outrigger canoeing stands as one of the oldest water sports globally. 

Join us on a journey of fitness, mindfulness, and supportive friendship in a safe and social environment with Shoreham Outriggers for Life. You can come and paddle a ‘6 man’ canoe up the River Adur and along Shoreham’s open coastline.

Why choose outrigger canoeing with SOCC?
  • Get fitter and stronger, mentally and physically: Together, we experience the physical and mental benefits of paddling in the open waters. You can also benefit from ‘classroom talks’ on nutrition and health.
  • Mindfulness: Find peace, solace and tranquility as you glide across the water, leaving stress behind.
  • Inclusive community: Join a fun and supportive community where everyone is valued and encouraged to thrive. Not only will you become a member of Shoreham Outriggers for Life, you will also become a member of our wider SOCC community, with social gatherings, group paddles and our SOCC ‘Ohana’ – family.
  • Taster sessions:  If you are unsure if outrigger canoeing is for you, you can attend one of our taster sessions to get a feel for the sport without any commitment.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of something truly special. 

Join Shoreham Outriggers for Life and discover the transformative power of outrigger canoeing along with the fun and support of being together. ‘We’re all in the same boat’

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